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TURTLE by Sharifah

TURTLE EARRINGS Healing + Wisdom

TURTLE EARRINGS Healing + Wisdom

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The Spirit of the Turtle: The Turtle is a symbol of life and earth, encapsulating enduring strength and tranquil wisdom. This creature’s tale, as told by the Anishinaabe, speaks of its vital role in the world's creation, offering its back to support the land and symbolizing motherhood, protection, and the nurturing essence of Mother Earth.

When to Choose the Turtle: Perfect for anyone seeking to share a token of protection, love, and balanced energy, select this piece when you want to convey feelings of love, protection, and serene wisdom. It’s a beautiful gesture for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, or milestones, resonating with those who value harmony, endurance.

Product Details:

Sterling Silver 

1 Pair (2 earrings) Fishhook Back

Dimensions: 1 x 1" (2.54cm)

Authenticator: Designers Initial On Back

Designer: Anishinaabe Artist Sharifah MarsdenImage of Sharifah Marsden wearing her custom jewellery



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