Iconic Thunderbird

Thunderbird represents strength and protection. It is a powerful symbol in many Indigenous cultures. This majestic creature is believed to shape the winds, the rains, and the storms.

This design specifically represents the Anishinaabe people and is a significant representation, similar to a flag.

Thunderbird is a powerful gesture for anyone facing challenges, or seeking to embrace their own power and freedom.


100% Indigenous Women Owned

Silver Feather

The Feather represents a connection to the Creator, a pathway to higher wisdom.

Gifting a feather, especially during significant celebrations and milestones such as graduations, achievements and pivotal life events, symbolizes respect and honour.

A Feather is an acknowledgment of one’s journey and is a deeply meaningful and personal gift.


100% Indigenous Women Owned

For all people of all nations.

100% Indigenous Women owned, each creation has its own story with meaning drawn from Indigenous traditions. We celebrate storytelling, craftsmanship, strength and beauty.

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Grounding Grace Of Turtle

According to Anishinaabe tradition, the Turtle generously offered its back to carry the weight of the earth, playing a crucial role in the creation of the world.

A symbol of motherhood, protection, and a beautiful gesture for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, or milestones, resonating with those who value harmony and endurance.

The Turtle represents Healing + Wisdom and holds a place of profound respect and significance. It is often associated with life, earth, time, and longevity, embodying the essence of endurance and serene wisdom.


100% Indigenous Women Owned

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Beautiful Rosette

The Rosette's poetic representation of life's harmonious rhythms is a symbolic expression of love and affection.

In Anishinaabe tradition, Rosette is a bearer of warmth, a nurturer of life, reflecting the embracing and caring energies of universal love.

Rosette is a gift of beauty of shared love, the tenderness of affectionate moments, and the joy of heartfelt connections.


100% Indigenous Women Owned

“When those outside our culture wear Indigenous fashion or jewelry they are supporting its development and growth and helping support it as a mainstream art”

Sharifah Marsden, Anishinaabe (Ojibway) Visual Artist & Designer

Little Rosebud

The Rosebud stands as a delicate testament to life's beginnings and the promise of what's yet to bloom.

With endless potential nestled inside each bud, Rosebud symbolizes the delicate promise of tomorrow.

A perfect gift for anyone stepping into a new chapter, embracing new possibilities, or simply celebrating the soft and subtle beauties of life.


100% Indigenous Women Owned