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FEATHER by Sharifah

FEATHER SET Spiritual Journey + Honour

FEATHER SET Spiritual Journey + Honour

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The Whispering Tale of the Feather

In the storied traditions of the Anishinaabe people, the Feather is a revered symbol, a whisper from the skies, serving as a communicator between the earthly realm and the spiritual world. It is a manifestation of the connection to the Creator and a pathway to higher wisdom.

Within Anishinaabe traditions, the Feather is seen as a cherished gift from the birds, helping us to convey thoughts, prayers, and gratitude to the spirits above. It’s a symbol of trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom, serving as a sacred tool in various ceremonial practices and as a gift of high honour to commemorate momentous occasions like graduations, reflecting deep respect and recognition.

A Gift of Spirit, Wisdom, and Honour

This piece is an ideal offering for those embarking on a spiritual journey, seeking enlightenment, guidance, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. Giving this piece is a way to honor someone, to recognize their journey, achievements, and the wisdom they have gained, making it a particularly poignant gift for milestones and achievements.

Product Details:

Sterling Silver

1 Pair (2 earrings), Fishhook Back

Earring Dimensions: 1"  (3.81cm) 

18" (45cm) Sterling Silver Chain Included 

Pendant Dimensions: 1.5"  (3.81cm)

Authenticator: Designers Initial On Back

Designer: Anishinaabe Artist Sharifah MarsdenImage of Sharifah Marsden wearing her custom jewellery


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